AGILE Transformation: A Coaching Approach

Facilitate the adoption of Agile practices and methods through coaching, while instilling Agile values and mindset

What will Participants GAIN?

Delivered by Atlassian Community Leader
Suite of Ready to Use Industry Benchmarked Agile Templates
Confidence to embark on Agile transformation
Experience the change process through coaching
Benefit vs Loss

Learning Outcomes

1. Improved team communication and collaboration

2. Increased productivity and efficiency

3. Enhanced quality of deliverables

4. Faster time-to-market for products and services

5. Greater transparency and visibility into project status and progress

6. More effective prioritization of work and alignment with business goals

7. Increased adaptability to changing requirements and customer needs

8. Improved team morale and motivation

9. Increased customer satisfaction and engagement

10. A more agile and responsive organizational culture

Our Course

Bespoke Course

Duration of engagement dependent on scope of work

Target Audience

Anyone wanting to embed Agile as a w1ay of working


Certificate accredited by Credily


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